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It's all Greek to me...

We are pleased to welcome two more guest lecturers this semester!

Dr. David Lunt (Associate Professor of History at SUU) will deliver a guest lecture about Gilgamesh & Enkidu, Heracles, and then maybe Milo of Croton - perhaps the greatest wrestler from ancient Greece. Students will prepare for Dr. Lunt's lecture by reading his recently published article, "Sanctioned Violence: Dealing (with) Death In Ancient Greek Athletics" (Journal of Olympic Studies v.1, No 2, 2020).



Dr. John Belk (Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program at SUU) will deliver a guest lecture on the rhetoric of wrestling promos and will share some of his latest manuscript of wrestling poems.

We are fortunate to welcome high-class scholars into our class to provide students with a truly interdisciplinary experience.

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