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 The wrestling promo can rally the fans to the side of the babyface or earn a dastardly heel some much needed heat. Sometimes these promos strike a deeper chord and extend far beyond the walls of kayfabe. One such promo was delivered by "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. It was so impactful we have dedicated an entire unit of our course to it.


Check out the video clip!

Wrestling History

What drives wrestlers to put their body on the line? Is it the fame? The fans? The rush? 


What is the "American Dream"?

What do different political views have to say about labor relations?

Is Marx "the people's champion"?

Hard times: The politics of automation and the free market

Capitalism, individualism and the American spirit in Weber and Smith

Human Biology

What is the science behind motivation?

Why do we take risks and what makes an adrenaline junky?

It is time for those avatars to get in the ring!

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

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