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Students will analyze controversial topics of race, gender, and performance from the perspectives of the biological and physiological disciplines. Additionally, they will apply their new found knowldege to wrestling dynamics in the real & kayfabe world. 

Wrestling History

How has the physique of the professional wrestler evolved over time?

What is the women's revolution and how does it mirror current changes in society? 


What is Race? What is Gender?

How are authority and power dynamics influenced by race and gender?  

Do biological differences justify gender segregated sports? 

Human Biology

Why do specific diets and training regimens alter the body differently?

How does sex influence muscle mass, reflexes, and performance in sports?

What are the major biological sex differences?

After completion of the second unit we are ready for another look at our Avatar Projects!

Students will present their personas to the class and begin to construct rivalries on Twitter!

Want to follow along?

Click the button below for examples of student work and follow us at #topprofswrestling. 


Wrestling Personas

(coming soon)

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